Custom Target Date and Target Risk Solutions

A broad spectrum of solutions

Our custom target date and target risk portfolios—which can serve as Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIAs)—are all-in-one solutions for retirement plan participants who prefer to leave asset allocation decisions to the experts.



How we can help

We have expertise in asset allocation and manager due diligence across a variety of asset classes and investment products, including not only traditional equity and fixed income products, but more complex products such as stable value and retirement income.

Our asset allocation and portfolio construction solutions can be tailored for scalable offerings through recordkeepers and broker-dealers and customized for large plans. 

What we offer


Asset allocation models

Risk-based asset allocation models that suit a wide range of investment time horizons and objectives.

Models can be customized to include a wide range of asset classes.

A questionnaire helps participants select a model appropriate for their risk tolerance.


Custom glide paths

Not every retirement plan is the same. For that reason, we can build custom glide paths that reflects the industry and demographics of the plan’s workforce.

We offer various flavors of “to” and “through” retirement glide paths, which are intended to help manage risks including participants’ longevity risk.


Custom portfolios

Most off-the-shelf target date and target risk portfolios are made up of proprietary funds from a single fund family.

Our custom portfolios use a broad, best-in-class approach and can be constructed using plan investments or investments selected from a broad universe of funds and fund families.


Target date CITs

Acting in a sub-adviser capacity to trust companies, we build target date collective investment trusts (CITs) using either our glide paths or glide paths from well-known asset managers.

The CITs can be customized to include stable value or insurance company general account products.

Why Mesirow


We offer sophisticated glide path and asset allocation methodologies that can accommodate new asset classes as they are introduced.


Through a consultative approach we offer innovative solutions and implementation options that focus on your unique needs.


Mesirow is an experienced provider of fiduciary and custom portfolio solutions. You receive glide path construction and asset allocation advice from an industry leader.


Dedicated support team that spans across functions - sales, operations, analysis, and technology.

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* Neither principal nor the underlying assets of target date investments are guaranteed at any time, including the target date, and investment risk remains at all time. There is no assurance that the recommended asset allocation will either maximize returns or minimize risk or be the appropriate allocation in all circumstances for every investor with a particular time horizon. Advisory services offered by Mesirow Financial Investment Management, Inc., an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor. Securities offered through Mesirow Financial, Inc., member FINRA and SIPC. Advisory Fees are described in Mesirow Financial Investment Management Inc.’s Part 2A of the Form ADV. Mesirow refers to Mesirow Financial Holdings, Inc. and its divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates. The Mesirow name and logo are registered service marks of Mesirow Financial Holdings, Inc.