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Customized wealth planning

Connect to what matters today and across generations through a comprehensive, individualized wealth plan

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Sophisticated, creative solutions aligned with specific business objectives

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Mutual Funds

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Small Company Fund

Gain favorable risk-adjusted return potential while driving positive social and environment impact

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Mutual Funds

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High Yield Fund

Capitalize on strong income potential through a portfolio of smaller-mid size high yield names

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Retirement Plans

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Manage fiduciary risk through 3(21) and 3(38) partnerships and more

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myFinancial Future

Mesirow employer-sponsored retirement plan participants can access a professionally managed, customized retirement portfolio through our advisor managed accounts.

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P3 financing expertise

Discover how our capital markets teams collaborate on innovative public-private partnership ("P3") financings

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Currency management

Manage unrewarded currency risk through customized passive and active solutions

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Mutual Funds

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Enhanced Core Plus Fund

A differentiated strategy designed to optimize a mix of fixed income assets with a currency overlay

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Headshot of Carl Davis

Carl Davis

“I’m driven to help my internal stakeholders identify the best talent possible for every role, across every business line.”

Headshot of Anthony Deras

Anthony Deras

“I am driven by the prospect of learning about different investment styles and understanding the drivers of each asset classes’ returns.”

Headshot of Rita Latnhotha

Rita Latnhotha

“My typical day is varied and fast paced as I act as liaison between plan sponsors, recordkeepers and fund managers.”


* As of 9.30.22 unless otherwise noted. | 1. “Assets under supervision” includes regulatory assets under management; assets under advisement; and non-securities currency assets under management. For these purposes: (1) regulatory assets under management (“RAUM”) is calculated in accordance with Instruction 5A of Form ADV and includes all assets of securities portfolios (both discretionary and non-discretionary). (2) Some assets under advisement (“AUA”) are on a 45-to-90-day lag due to time needed to confirm away assets. (3) currency assets under management includes AUM associated with (i) active and passive currency risk management products $114.06 billion, (ii) non-fx overlay strategies such as equitization and beta overlays $658.56 million, and (iii) alpha strategies $33,491,356. In all such cases, AUM is calculated based on notional value of currency investments. Additionally, AUM for alpha strategies is adjusted because clients can select a volatility target (generally between 2% and 12% annualized), which is normalized to 2% in order to create a consistent depiction of alpha strategy AUM. This results in a “scaled” AUM, which is higher than the actual aggregate notional value of all alpha strategy portfolios if clients have selected a volatility target higher than 2%. As of 9.30.22, the “unscaled” AUM for alpha strategies was $6,032,254.

**Rankings and/or recognition by unaffiliated rating services and/or publications are not indicative of a firm’s future performance nor do they evaluate the quality of services provided to clients nor should they be construed as a current or past endorsement of Mesirow by any of its clients. Please see this page for important information.