Headshot of Gregg Lunceford

Gregg Lunceford, Ph.D, CFP®

I joined Mesirow as a Wealth Advisor so that I could build my practice in an environment where I can have freedom to grow and “think outside the box.”

Insights from Gregg

Why were you looking to leave your old firm?

I was looking for an opportunity to work in an environment that was entrepreneurial and would allow me to develop new and emerging markets. I also wanted to do more than manage relationships, such as writing and research on topics that would be helpful in developing my practice.

What made you consider Mesirow?

I was introduced to Mesirow by an employee I served on a board with. Initially, I was impressed with the firm’s commitment as a corporate citizen. He encouraged me to meet with employees at Mesirow and I was also impressed with the people and culture.

Now that you’ve been here for a while, have your expectations been met?

Mesirow has met my expectations as a place where I can pursue ideals and explore options for new business development. I have also been supported as a thought leader and have been able to research, contribute to publications and creatively grow my practice. I have also been able to serve as a leader on committees and provide input on the direction of the firm.

What is your favorite part of working at Mesirow?

I enjoy our corporate culture, which is collaborative, and the people. I also like working for an institution that is respected in the business community and believes in giving back.

What would your advice be to other advisors looking to make a change?

If you are a self-starter and looking for an environment where you can have freedom to grow and “think outside the box” consider Mesirow.

Why should those advisors consider Mesirow?

Mesirow is a respected institution with a great culture. It values its clients, employees and the community. Our Wealth Management group is a good environment to work in and build an advisory-based business.

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