Retirement Advisory Services

We partner with plan sponsors to manage fiduciary risk as they attract and retain employees, then help guide those employees on their path to achieving the best possible retirement outcomes. 

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Helping plan sponsors succeed...

is our primary goal. We know plan sponsors require a systematic, repeatable and well-documented process, so we do more than simply help you fulfill this fiduciary obligation. We lay the groundwork for success with sound plan design, meticulous implementation and a laser focus on driving outcomes that truly matter.


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Does your state have a mandated retirement plan?

Many states have begun to require small businesses to provide retirement benefits to their employees as a way to address the retirement savings gap in this country.  Businesses generally have two ways to comply with these laws—enroll their employees into a state-sponsored retirement program or sponsor a plan of their own through the private market, such as those offered by Mesirow. 

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We offer:

    A pooled employer plan or (PEP) is a new kind of defined contribution plan similar to the 401(k) plans offered today by individual employers. Small to mid-sized employers can now pool together in the same retirement plan, providing affordable benefits similar to some of the largest companies in the U.S. 

    Advantages of a PEP

    Less expensive - Costs are lower than traditional single-employer retirement plans because they are spread across a larger participant and asset base, reducing the costs for each employer and participant in the plan.

    Less fiduciary risks - Fiduciary duties are outsourced to experts, limiting your fiduciary liabilities.

    Less work - The pooled plan provider (PPP) is responsible for most of the plan's operations.

    Less wasted time - Since the plan doesn't take up your time, you can focus on growing revenues and profits in your business while helping your employees enjoy a successful retirement. 

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    Understanding a firm’s comprehensive plan is the first step in advancing towards specific goals. We assess plan design, participant behavior and industry statistics to help ensure we are addressing all factors before suggesting a holistic solution. 

    In addition, we provide the following consulting services:

    • Benchmarking and fee analysis

    • Vendor consolidation

    • Investment consulting 

    • Plan compliance

    • Ongoing performance evaluation

    Rigorous quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, led by our Investment Committee, provide deep insight to inform investment decisions. Processes include ongoing review of supplemental options and additions as well as continuous performance monitoring.

    This research creates a framework for:

    • Investment lineup recommendations

    • Investment manager due diligence 

    As a fiduciary partner, we help plan sponsors fulfill their fiduciary obligations and manage risk by establishing a systematic, repeatable and well-documented process.

    3(21) services

    We provide plan investment options for you to choose from, acting as the investment advisor so you can:

    • Customize and maintain discretion of your plan lineup

    • Select from a broad menu of approved investment options

    • Receive on-going investment monitoring, participant education and fiduciary monitoring

    3(38) services

    We choose and manage your plan's investment options for you, acting as the investment manager so you can:

    • Fully outsource the investment option selection, monitoring and replacement (if necessary)

    • Offload fiduciary responsibility with respect to investment option selection and monitoring

    • Receive on-going investment monitoring, participant education and fiduciary monitoring

    We believe engaging participants is the key to maintaining a thriving retirement plan. Mesirow blends industry best practices with cutting-edge behavioral finance techniques to engage participants and help them harness the power of their retirement plans, including:

    • Auto enrollment, auto escalation and QDIA

    • Education and communication campaigns

    myFinancial Future®

    A personal financial wellness and advice program.

    • An Advisor Managed Account program

    • Access to a financial planner

    • Regularly scheduled group meetings 

    Invest@Work® program

    A customized microsite that provides financial support and advice.

    • Employees can set retirement goals, monitor their success and update their portfolios

    • Provides participants a customized complete retirement outlook 

    • Provides specific feedback that participants can implement to improve their retirement outlook

    SMART Portfolios®

    A robo-advisor that helps participants invest their outside assets.

    • Asset allocation based on participant's individual risk tolerance and objectives

    • Low-cost portfolio management

    • Automatic rebalancing

    Non-qualified deferred compensation plans are designed to provide key employees the opportunity to accumulate savings on a tax-favored basis. A nonqualified deferred compensation plan helps magnify pre-tax savings benefits of a qualified plan by removing IRS restrictions not only on total contributions, but also on how those savings can be used.

    These plans can potentially help your employees accumulate higher potential returns, reduce current income taxes, and create an income stream.

    Advantages of Non-qualified plans

    • Pre-tax deferral of salary, bonus and long-term incentives

    • Tax deferred investment results

    • No contribution limits

    • No limit on benefits

    • Provides investment flexibility

    • No excise tax on distributions prior to age 59 1/2

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    Custom solutions for:


    Plan sponsors

    We lay the groundwork for success with sound plan design, meticulous implementation and a laser focus on driving outcomes that truly matter.


    Plan participants & investors

    We can help you plan for the retirement you’ve always imagined, whether it's building a legacy, pursuing a passion or anything in between.

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    Non-qualified plans

    We design and manage executive compensation and benefit solutions that help companies recruit, retain, motivate and reward their key talent.

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    Top DC Advisor Firm

    NAPA top DC advisor teams 2022

    Recognized by the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) as a top defined contribution plan advisor.

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    Top Retirement Plan Advisers

    Text planadviser's 2020 top100 retirement plan advisers

    Four Mesirow Retirement Advisory Services professionals were named to PLANADVISER’s 2023 Top Retirement Plan Adviser list.

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