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Our clients often share that one of the most valuable aspects of their relationship with us is our understanding of the retirement plan industry and the investment landscape. 

Timely topics

The most effective portfolio inflation hedges: Implications for asset allocation and glide path construction
Financial assets, in general, perform very poorly in high inflation environments, with negative inflation-adjusted (real) returns being the norm. This paper reviews a variety of potential inflation hedge strategies including TIPS, specific equity sectors (like energy), commodities and REITs.
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Putting value on "Peace of Mind"
This paper proposes an innovative, yet intuitive, evaluation framework of Guaranteed Retirement Income (GRI) products based on their individual merits and compare them to retirement income strategies constructed from ordinary investments that a typical investor would use within a defined contribution plan.
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The appropriate age for transition to managed accounts in a QDIA framework
In this paper, we review evidence of retirement under-saving and potential solutions, as well as empirical evidence regarding investor reaction to negative market returns. 
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The case for proactive re-enrollment as industry best practice
Proactive plan design elements, such as auto-enrollment and auto-escalation, represent industry best practice and have become the norm among plan sponsors. Their presence results in better participant outcomes, particularly when used in an opt-out fashion.
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GRI product allocations in a QDIA framework
Most retirement savers both under-save for retirement and potentially face a serious return drag from sub-optimal, market chasing behavior—Guaranteed Retirement Income (GRI) products can help.
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Mesirow participates in SPARK 2021 Forum

November 2021: Christopher O’Neill participated in a retirement income panel discussion entitled “Is your 401k a savings plan or a retirement plan?” He discussed how recordkeepers can incorporate guaranteed income to enhance 401k plan design from a retirement savings vehicle to a retirement income provider.


SVIA Fall Forum: Trends in DC Investments

October 2021: Christopher O’Neill, Chief Investment Officer and Director of Quantitative Research, recently participated in a lively panel discussion entitled Trends in DC Investments: A Fiduciary Point of View at the Stable Value Investment Association (SVIA) Fall Forum. Chris discussed relevant plan design trends within the DC landscape, including custom default solutions, growing adoption of ERISA 3(38) services and the role of stable value within menu and portfolio construction. 

New York Stable Value Investments and UBS: Capital Preservation Options

October 2021: Christopher O’Neill recently partnered with New York Stable Value Investments to host a webinar for UBS retirement plan consultants on Capital Preservation Options for Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans. Chris discussed a variety of stable value product structures and criteria for their evaluation and selection for an investment lineup.

How can 401(k)s best integrate retirement income into an investment lineup?

February 4, 2021: Vincent Vicidomini, SVP with Mesirow Fiduciary Solutions, recently joined Prudential Retirement to share their thoughts on the current state of retirement income products following the 2020 SECURE Act. Thanks to the Retirement Advisor Council (RAC) for hosting this important event.

In the news

Mesirow named 3(38) for Paychex Pooled Employer Plan (PEP)

December 2020: Paychex announced the launch of a Pooled Employer Plan to help businesses nationwide provide a cost-effective retirement plan option for their employees. Mesirow Fiduciary Solutions serves as the 3(38) investment fiduciary.

Mesirow named 3(38) fiduciary for Everyday 401(k) by JPMorgan

October 2020: JPMorgan Chase announced the launch of Everyday 401(k) by J.P. Morgan, giving the firm's thousands of small business clients and their employees the ability to simply plan, save and invest for retirement. All plans will have a single investment menu that is created and monitored by Mesirow Fiduciary Solutions, which serves as an independent fiduciary under Section 3(38) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

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