Mesirow Institutional Direct Real Estate ESG Policy and Objectives

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Mesirow Institutional Real Estate Direct (MIRED) is a division of Mesirow Financial Investment Management, Inc. (MFIM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mesirow Financial, Inc. (The Firm). The primary strategy of the MIRED commingled investment funds is to invest in value-added real estate opportunities in the multifamily sector located solely in the United States, diversified by geography, economy, reposition strategy, construction type, and vintage year.

Our primary responsibility is to maximize the financial return of our clients’ investments. As a direct or controlling member of owned real estate assets, MIRED acknowledges the importance of evaluating and implementing Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), and Health and Well-being initiatives into each of the real estate assets and communities where we invest.

We recognize there are direct and indirect environmental and social implications to all the decisions we make as an investment manager. We are committed to fully integrating ESG principles, whenever feasible and practical, across our real estate portfolios including, but not limited to:
• investment screening during due-diligence,
• investment decision-making and approval,
• asset management,
• property management,
• resident engagement, and
• community engagement.

Further, we believe by taking an active and disciplined approach, we can successfully elevate our impact on environmental and social initiatives, while meeting and/or enhancing the needs of the stakeholders and fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities to each of our clients. Our ESG objectives across our real estate portfolios are outlined in full in the attached article.

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