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Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

As Mesirow celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, we are reminded of our Six-Point DEI Commitment, including our work to increase the presence of diverse professionals at our firm and in our industry.

This month, we welcomed our 2022-23 interns to Mesirow through our longtime partnership with the Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program, which serves students from Latino and Spanish-speaking families. We look forward to the contributions they will make throughout their time at Mesirow.

Our firm is dedicated to hearing diverse voices because we make better decisions when diverse perspectives are included in the decision-making process. This includes employees of Latino and Hispanic heritage, who make meaningful contributions each day across the firm.

While Mesirow’s focus on DEI is unconditional, we know we must always do more and continuously seek to deepen our commitment. We invite you to follow us on this journey.

Natalie A. Brown, CEO

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