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Humanitarian crisis in Israel

We continue to learn more about the details of the horrific attacks against Israeli civilians by Hamas. These barbaric acts put us in a state of shock and mourning and, for many of us, trigger a deep-seated trauma based on history and collective memory. We are deeply saddened by the prospects of a drawn-out war that will lead to further tragedy in Israel and Gaza and worry about an upcoming humanitarian crisis.

The outpouring of support from our Mesirow colleagues, broader Chicago community and political leaders has been inspiring, and we are grateful for the Firm’s generous contributions to humanitarian causes.

Since the Firm’s intranet post on Monday, we have received requests from employees for additional organizations that people can support. With the help of our partners and corporate responsibility team, below is a list with additional organizations:

Each of us plans on making meaningful contributions. We invite you to join us in donating to support these organizations, or any organization that is meaningful to you.

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