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Mesirow Employee Value Program

We know our employees are the foundation of our success. Based on your survey feedback, we are excited to share the following improvements to our Employee Value Program.

Milestone Recognition
We look forward to celebrating and highlighting our employees with significant milestones. Milestone anniversaries (3, 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.) years will be awarded with “milestone money.” This money can be spent however you choose. Each milestone will receive $100x the milestone year. HR will communicate additional information on this in the coming weeks.

Anniversary Day Off
Employees will receive an additional day off during their milestone anniversary. HR will communicate additional information on this in the coming weeks.

Health and Wellness Stipend
Each employee will be allowed up to $300 annually to use toward qualifying health and wellness activities. For example, you can use it toward the cost of a gym membership, to purchase exercise equipment or take nutritional classes. HR will communicate additional information on this in the coming weeks.

Summer Friday Hours
Work permitting, every Friday from Memorial Day through Labor Day, all employees can leave the office at 3:30 p.m. CST to coincide with market closing. We hope this allows you to maximize your weekends!

Peer-to-Peer Recognition
We will be implementing a formal peer-to-peer recognition program, whereby employees can nominate their co-workers for a $5.00 gift card. It's a great way to thank someone who has positively influenced your day and reinforces a culture of support, collaboration and achievement.

Bar Cart First Fridays
The first Friday of every month (outside of the summer months), we will host Bar Cart Fridays on one of our floors starting at 3:00 p.m. We encourage you to take advantage of this, and get to know your fellow co-workers.

Jeans Days
Going forward, we are extending Jeans Days to run throughout the months of December through February on an annual basis. Employees may wear jeans to work, subject to client and business needs.

All initiatives listed above are a part of our Mesirow Employee Value Program (EVP), which touches on:

  • Career Development
  • Wellness/Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Culture
  • Workplace/Environment
  • Recognition

Human Resources will communicate additional enhancement opportunities with respect to benefits, learning and development opportunities and workplace engagement over the course of the 2019 Fiscal Year.

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