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Leo Harmon WGN

Mesirow Equity Management’s Leo Harmon on WGN Radio 720

Hear Leo's recent radio interview as he discusses inflation, the Fed's latest actions and the current market environment.

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Gregg Lunceford WGN

Gregg Lunceford on WGN Radio 720

Hear Gregg Lunceford, Managing Director, Wealth Advisor, discuss the “exit from work” – how this transition requires social and emotional readiness as well as financial readiness and how he guides clients as they reimagine retirement and make lifestyle choices.

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Natalie Brown Masters of the Muniverse podcast

Natalie Brown on Masters of the Muniverse podcast

Mesirow CEO Natalie Brown joined Bloomberg Intelligence for a wide-ranging conversation on Mesirow's expansion in the municipal market along with top-of-mind topics for CEOs now, including leading with empathy, DEI and return-to-office/WFH.

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Bob Martin WGN

Bob Martin on WGN Radio 720

Bob Martin, CFA, Senior Vice President and Senior Investment Analyst in Mesirow Wealth Management, discusses 1H2022 market movements, inflation, jobs and more  -- and gives insights into how Mesirow wealth advisors are helping clients as we enter the second half of 2022. 

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Leo Harmon WGN

Leo Harmon on WGN Radio 720

Mesirow Equity Management’s Leo Harmon, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, covers the implications of the Fed’s June action, why Mesirow being an independent firm is important and what investment clients are asking for in today’s market environment.

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