Mesirow serves as a valued partner to the media, with a robust Speakers Bureau that provides perspective on the markets and what's top of mind for institutional and individual investors now.

Our experts are also available to address the vital role of corporate responsibility, with practical experience in advancing sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and community engagement.

Speakers Bureau Spotlight 

Leo Harmon


EXPERTISE | Equity market insights, small and small-mid cap investing, banks and financial sector, research, macroeconomic views, sustainable/ESG investing, youth financial literacy education, DEI

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Tiffany Irving


EXPERTISE | Wealth planning for high net worth families, business owners, and non-profits; wealth transfer strategies, retirement planning, planning for women and the LGBTQ+ community

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Joe Hoffman


EXPERTISE | Currency management strategies, FX trading, overlay strategies, derivatives, investment trends and customized solutions

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Cara Esser


EXPERTISE | Macroeconomic and market insights, portfolio management and research, fiduciary expertise for retirement plan sponsors

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Mesirow Speakers Bureau

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Capital Markets

Rates | Government agency | Supranationals and structured products | Credit-related products | Mortgages | Asset-backeds | Derivatives

Corporate responsibility

DEI | Recruitment and retention | Youth financial literacy education | Community engagement | Sustainability

Card title

FX trading | Overlay strategies | Derivatives | Machine learning | Quantitative modeling | Systematic FX trading | AI applications to financial markets

Fiduciary Solutions

Fiduciary solutions for retirement plan sponsors

Investment Banking

M&A | Sector expertise: Aerospace & defense; Distribution & supply chain; Food, beverage & agribusiness; Healthcare; Industrials; Paper, plastics & packaging; Technology; Debt advisory; Financial sponsor coverage

Investment Management

Traditional equity and fixed income | Alternatives | Sustainable investing

Retirement Plans

Defined plan management strategies and workflows


Planning and transfer strategies | Retirement lifestyle planning