Think you can’t own a Roth IRA? Think again.

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Market volatility can create tax-smart opportunities

Although periods of market volatility can often create investor anxiety, the gains and losses incurred during up and down markets can be leveraged to work together to minimize the taxes investors pay on capital gains.

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Delay taxes on appreciated investment property or business assets

A 1031 Exchange allows business owners to defer taxes on the sale of business assets that have appreciated in value.

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Strategies for maximizing tax reduction and deferral sarah.chodera@… Thu, 09/17/2020 - 09:26

For business owners and the self-employed, frustration with annual tax liabilities is a cornerstone of every spring season; as constant and repetitive as April showers. But perhaps it doesn’t have to be? It’s never too soon to plan for your next tax season.

At Mesirow, we work with business owners like you to help maximize retirement savings, minimize taxes, and maintain the flexibility required to productively run your business by implementing custom retirement plan strategies.

Four reasons to start investing your HSA assets sarah.chodera@… Wed, 09/16/2020 - 20:43

If you can afford to cover your family’s health care costs out-of-pocket (without spending your Health Savings Account (“HSA”), consider investing those HSA assets instead! The tax-free growth in these assets can accumulate significantly over time to help fund health care costs in retirement, freeing your retirement assets up to help fund your retirement goals.

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