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Headshot of Tiffany Irving

Tiffany Irving, CFP®, CEPA®

Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor | Wealth Management

David Moore Headshot

David Moore

Wealth Specialist | Wealth Management

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Sandra L. Lackhouse

Vice President, Client Relationship Specialist | Wealth Management

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Rebecca Solomon , J.D., LL.M.

Estate Planning Specialist | Wealth Management

Tiffnay and daughter Zoe

Tiffany shares why National Coming Out Day is so important

“Our daughter was struggling with something. We were certain we knew what was going on, but this was her own journey. We have always been a very open and communicative family and we were confident she would talk to us when she was ready. Our daughter, now a sophomore in college, shared with us 5 years ago that she is a lesbian. As she told us, she cried and we cried. For her and for us, these were tears of relief, joy and fear. She wasn’t worried about our love and acceptance; that was never in doubt for her. She was anxious about holding all of this in for so long, and needed to let it out.

I am so thankful that our daughter trusted us and knew she would be accepted for who she is. I am proud of my daughter. I love and support her in all things. Our fear and ongoing worries for her are centered around the bullying, the hate, the discrimination, the judgement — all of which she has experienced since coming out. She wants to live her life. Her ability to stand up to that hate and discrimination, to say who she is and who she loves, makes me so proud and proud of everyone in the community who came before her and those who will come after.”

Events and recent news

RIA Conference

David and Tiffany at RIA conference

Tiffany and David recently had the opportunity to join other professionals in the Wealth Management industry at the Midwest RIA Portfolio Summit conference. The day was filled with networking and listening to panels of industry leaders. Tiffany joined a panel of other women in Wealth Management and talked about how they have developed within their roles and the industry itself.

Business Symposium

Rebecca and Tiffany at Business Symposium

Tiffany and Rebecca recently spoke at a Business Symposium Event hosted by The Presidents Legacy Council and Mesirow Wealth Management. The two provided small business owners with important information about organizing their personal and business finances.

Industry networking

Tiffany at WIP Event

Tiffany recently joined other women in the investment industry for a luncheon about the latest Economic Outlook. The event was hosted by the non-profit Women Investment Professionals (WIP), which promotes connections and conversations among women in the industry.

Financial literacy

Tiffany Irving

Tiffany has teamed up with fellow Mesirow wealth advisor Gregg Lunceford to provide in-person instruction to Northwestern University football players on the basics of finance. Topics include financial literacy, budgeting and tax planning, and money, banking and investment basics.

Wine tasting

Tiffany Irving, Aryn Havner, and Kim Kass

Tiffany recently co-hosted a private wine tasting at Running Vines Winery with Smith Legal group, LLC.*

*Mesirow has no business affiliation with the people in this picture.

    Mesirow Mondays

    Tiffany is frequently featured on the WGN Radio 720 "Your Money Matters" show hosted by Jon Hansen.

    The importance of estate planning
    Hear Tiffany’s interview from March 4, 2024, where she discussed estate planning basics: how to get started and the importance of keeping your plan up to date.  Listen to replay

    Year-end tips
    Tiffany discussed her year-end financial planning checklist and tips on how to jumpstart 2024 financial plans.  Listen to replay

    Investing as part of an LGBTQ+ family
    Tiffany continued her conversation with Jon Hansen in support of Pride Month on June 12th, where they discussed investing as part of an LGBTQ+ family.  Listen to replay

    The stages and ages of investing
    Tiffany appeared on "Mesirow Monday" on May 1st, 2023 where she discussed how life events effect financial plans, and the impact divorce can have on finances.  Listen to replay

    Media appearances

    Pridely feature
    Tiffany Irving’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ community started on a personal level and grew into a practice emphasis. As demonstrated in Pridely, she continues to bring her compassion and skills to bear when serving this community, as she has to her other clients over the past 24 years.  Take a look

    Pay it forward
    Tiffany was featured on Wealth's Sixteen Inspirational New Year's Resolutions Resolutions of Financial Advisors, advocating her commitment to not only her clients but other women who are interested in pursuing financial services as a career. "I support organizations working to improve the lives of women and girls. I carry that passion into my business and enjoy working with my female clientele to help them achieve their personal financial goals..."

    Insights from Tiffany

    By Tiffany Irving, CEPA®, CFP®

    Why you need a financial plan
    A written financial plan can be used to identify your short and long-term wealth objectives and to create and implement strategies to help you achieve them. Your financial goals become attainable and measurable. Keep in mind, the plan you create should be dynamic and flexible so that life changes can be accounted for, and updates can be made along the way.  read more

    Setting a new course: Best practices for selling your business
    Tiffany recently earned the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA®) designation, representing her on-going commitment to business owners and is offering a booklet she co-authored below. “Setting a new course: Best practices for selling your business” presents three phases for selling a business which any owner considering selling – now or in the future – will find to be valuable.  Read more

    Prepare, Plan, Protect - Wealth planning tips for business owners
    Business owners often juggle a multitude of concerns/tasks, such as marketing, HR, bookkeeping, customer service and inventory management. As the company grows, so does the staff and leadership team as owners begin to delegate and spend more time on managing versus executing.  Read more

    Three ways to prepare for a financial windfall
    Do you ever dream of receiving a financial windfall?  It may seem like a fantasy, but it happens more often than you might think. And, not unlike other financial issues, having a plan will ensure you make the most of your windfall and have no future regrets.  read more

    The importance of financial planning in the LGBTQ community
    When it comes to meeting goals and staying on budget and on track to attain your financial objectives, financial planning is critical. Everyone has unique circumstances that must be considered when creating a comprehensive plan, and members of the LGBTQ community may have additional factors to consider when it comes to planning.  read more

    Divorce: Financial tips to help you prepare and stay organized 
    Divorce is one of the many unexpected events that can happen on the road we call life. If your path leads you here, you will want to be prepared for the financial ramifications and confidently move forward with a new plan.  As with any significant life change, a divorce can be an emotional and stressful period and the more organized and prepared you are, the better equipped you will be for this transition in your life.  read more

    I want my money to work for me: The power of long-term investing
    Have you ever wondered why women, who make up over 50% of the population and who make most of the consumer spending decisions in their households, do not more frequently participate in long-term planning and investment conversations?  Read more

    This year, make your New Year’s resolution about financial empowerment
    The beginning of each year brings hope as we consider starting something new or making improvements to our financial wellness. As busy, multi-tasking women we often put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list, especially when it comes to our finances. Ladies – it is time to make yourself a priority! Spas are nice, but how about making this year’s resolution focused on your own financial empowerment.  Read more

    Board appointments & membership

    The Caring Place 
    Tiffany Irving serves as a Board Member for The Caring Place, which provides inclusive service, shelter, and ongoing support for people experiencing domestic violence. Through advocacy, education, and awareness, The Caring Place empowers people to build supportive, respectful, compassionate relationships.

    National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO Chicago)
    Tiffany is a member of NAWBO Chicago, often sharing insights with business owners about how to integrate business and personal financial planning.

    Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce
    Tiffany is a member of the Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce where she works with local business owners on strategic legacy planning as it relates to their business. t how to integrate business and personal financial planning.

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