Headshot of Andrew Golden

Andrew Golden

“At Mesirow, I'm passionate about being a diligent learner and adding value every day.”

At a glance

One thing that has surprised me about Mesirow is...

The amount of access I have to senior leadership.


Tennessee State University


“To serve, uplift and lead with empathy and equity”


Investing in the wholistic lives of youth

I feel that Mesirow invests in me by...

making sure I have all of the tools and resources I need to succeed.

What drives me in my work is...

knowing that I am helping to lay a foundation for diverse youth coming behind me.

Workplace culture matters because...

productivity is enhanced when individuals feel valued within their organization.

I joined Mesirow because...

of the exceptional leadership who were willing to take a chance on me, provide mentorship and invest in my success. I was inspired by the opportunity to learn and grow within a company that values its employees and encourages their professional development.


Proctor, Institutional Sales and Trading

Headshot of Proctor Robison

“At Mesirow, I'm passionate about our dedication to integrity. Our business is one based upon trust. Mesirow, at its heart, thrives because this dedication has been ingrained in our culture.”

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María, Integrated Marketing and Communications

Headshot of María Contreras

“What drives me in my work is the ability to align my passions and lived experiences to further drive business impact. As a digital marketing strategist, I have the unique opportunity to amplify our story.”

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