Headshot of Anthony Deras

Anthony Deras

“I am driven by the prospect of learning about different investment styles and understanding the drivers of each asset classes’ returns.”

At a glance

I joined Mesirow

in June 2020 after graduating


Discovering and trying new cuisines throughout Chicago


Economics Major at Claremont McKenna College

Favorite book

Principles by Ray Dalio

I joined Mesirow...

because of the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals within different asset classes. My goal throughout college was to eventually end up in asset management and the rotational program gave me a direct opportunity to learn about the different sub-sectors within asset management. Mesirow’s entrepreneurial culture also stood out to me as a differentiator.    

What drives me in my work is…

understanding the cause-effect relationships that make the economic machine run. The rotational program has exposed me to different aspects of the economy / finance and part of the fun is figuring out the intersection of all 5 asset classes that I will rotate through. 

I decompress by…

exercising and meditating. I regularly do breathwork to increase concentration and reduce stress. Both exercising and breathing meditations allow me to decompress while improving the clarity of my thoughts. 


David, Wealth Management

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“What drives me in my work is our clients' satisfaction. There is something truly heartwarming about being an integral part of helping someone meet, achieve and exceed lifetime financial goals they have set for themselves.”

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Carl, Human Resources

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“I strive to provide world-class expertise and support to external candidates and my internal partners.”

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