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David Moore

“What drives me in my work is our clients' satisfaction. There is something truly heartwarming about being an integral part of helping someone meet, achieve and exceed lifetime financial goals they have set for themselves.”

At a glance

I joined Mesirow because...

I felt I could truly be my whole self at work.


Boxing, Golfing, Reading, Self-Proclaimed Food Critic


Duke University, B.A. in Public Policy, Minor in African/African-American Studies


Fighting to give all diverse candidates and kids the education needed to thrive in financial services

Favorite Book

What is Worth While by Anna Robertson Brown-Lindsay

Mesirow invests in me by...

continuously granting me access to senior officers to learn from and contributing to my business acumen as a young professional through various professional coaching opportunities, the NextGen Leaders program, being the most impactful thus far.

One of the things I'm most proud of is...

my passion and drive for helping others.

The most important thing when collaborating as part of a team is...

reliability, flexibility and diplomacy.

At Mesirow, I'm passionate about...

the colleagues, clients and superiors I get to work with and learn from every day, making Mesirow so unique and special.  


Lorena, Integrated Marketing and Communications

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“I joined Mesirow because it has been a place of continuous growth for me."

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Carl, Human Resources

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“I’m driven to help my internal stakeholders identify the best talent possible for every role, across every business line.”

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