Leadership Communications

Six-Point Commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

1 | Converse

We support learning and open dialogue through programming, events and mandatory training for managers and employees on issues such as unconscious bias, microaggressions and cross-cultural communications.

2 | Diversify

We work to increase the presence of African American and all professionals of color, members of the LGBTQ community, women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans at all levels of our firm.

3 | Engage

We engage as a resource and advocate to underserved communities, putting our resources to work – financial contributions, employee volunteering, mentoring and in-kind services .

4 | Align

We align with organizations that advance diversity in our industry, including the Chicago Urban League, Chicago United and Financial Services Pipeline

5 | Champion

We continuously diversify our suppliers and vendors and champion organizations and initiatives driving positive change such as the Chicago United Five Forward.

6 | Participate

We develop diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives specific to our asset classes and investment sectors and support industry platforms and initiatives.

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