Headshot of Kristina Pierce

Kristina Pierce, CFA

“I joined Mesirow because of its strong reputation, boutique feel and collegial work environment.”

Headshot of Andrew Golden

Andrew Golden

“At Mesirow, I'm passionate about being a diligent learner and adding value every day.”

Headshot of Lorena Esparza

Lorena Esparza

“I joined Mesirow because it has been a place of continuous growth for me."

Headshot of María Contreras

María Contreras

“What drives me in my work is the ability to align my passions and lived experiences to further drive business impact. As a digital marketing strategist, I have the unique opportunity to amplify our story.”

Headshot of Proctor Robison

Proctor Robison

“At Mesirow, I'm passionate about our dedication to integrity. Our business is one based upon trust. Mesirow, at its heart, thrives because this dedication has been ingrained in our culture.”

Photo of David Moore

David Moore

“What drives me in my work is our clients' satisfaction. There is something truly heartwarming about being an integral part of helping someone meet, achieve and exceed lifetime financial goals they have set for themselves.”

Headshot of Carl Davis

Carl Davis

“I’m driven to help my internal stakeholders identify the best talent possible for every role, across every business line.”

Headshot of Anthony Deras

Anthony Deras

“I am driven by the prospect of learning about different investment styles and understanding the drivers of each asset classes’ returns.”